• Endura FX Palette

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Endura FX Palette


Endura FX Palette, Colours include:

Prime White, Prime Yellow, Teal Blue, Prime Blue, Prime Black

Mauve, Vein Blood, Fresh Blood, Dried Blood, Bruise Red


Building off of the reputation of its liquid predecessor, Endura, Encore Alcohol Palettes provide unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and a wide selection of colors. The alcohol activated palettes are offered in twenty SFX and Undead colors from the Endura Face Off Edition line.

The Encore Palettes feature an innovative magnetic case along with a mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist's hand.  Interchangeable magnetic pans allow makeup artists to rearrange and replace colors easily based on their project or job, a rare sight in the special effects makeup industry.



We recommend using 99% alcohol to activate the color.
For easy removal please use SKT7, Alcohol Free Moisturizing Remover.


Perfect for Halloween, Fantasy or Cosplay characters

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