• Nail Lacquer Treatments
  • Nail Lacquer Treatments


Nail Lacquer Treatments


Debaster - Base coat
Flatline - Matte Top Coat

A nail lacquer in a professional formulation and modern color-palette.

OCC Nail Lacquers are densely pigmented, Five-Free, quick-drying and super long-lasting. Formulated with the editorial manicurist in mind, the result is lots of color using very little product for nails that are camera-ready just moments after application.

Apply our Top Coat for super shine, or Flatline Matte Top Coat for a modern manicure.

Prep nails with base coat Debaser.


Precautions: Approved for application to the nails only. Not for use on the face or body.Do not ingest. Contents are flammable in their liquid state. Do not apply near heat or open flame.




*Hazardous Item: Please see Shipping & Returns

This item can not be shipped internationally.

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