• Green Marble Concentrate


Green Marble Concentrate



Created by award winning makeup artists Richard Snell & Kenny Myers, Green Marble SeLr was originally designed to seal makeup and prevent it from rubbing off on costumes. Being the most durable makeup sealer available, Green Marble is also excellent for aging techniques and multi-layering effects.


*PLEASE NOTE; The green Marble is an incredibly strong formula and requires patients in it's removal. Great products to use are the IPM gel as the Iso Propyl Myristate breaks down the Green Marble.


INSTRUCTIONS, Load a powder puff with the IPM Gel and apply to the area of skin with the green marble, hold down for a few moments and the massage slowly into the skin. This product cannot simply be wiped away.


*Hazardous Item: Please see Shipping & Returns

This item can not be shipped internationally.

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