• TinThix Silicone Thickening Agent


TinThix Silicone Thickening Agent

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TinThix is a liquid thickener designed for mixing into liquid rubbers to create a creamy, thixotropic consistency for turning pourable rubbers into brushable systems. Varying levels can be added to create a light gel up to a thicker silicone rubber paste.


A few drops of Tin Thix in a cup size mix gives a nice face coat consistency. Experiment to determine your desired levels. While this product is designed for use with tin/condensation cure systems it does also work very well in some Platinum/addition cure systems including the PlatSil Gel 10 and 25. That’s not to say it will work in ALL platinum systems and you should do a test for yourself. The advantage is that the TinThix is more potent than the PlatThix so less is needed.


Add up to 5% TinThix of the total mixed weight of the silicone mix. Experiment to determine the best amount to add for your application. NOTES: Mix Part A and Part B together first and then add TinThix. For additional information, read the Technical Bulletin associated with the silicone product being used.


For industrial and professional use

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