• Embryolisse Hydra Serum


Embryolisse Hydra Serum


Embryolisse Hydra Serm (Hydra Serum)

Full of ultra-hydrating active ingredients, Hydra-Serum instantly revitalizes the skin. At the heart of the Hydra-Serum, there is a unique active complex that optimizes the natural hydration mechanisms of the skin.

The secret of its formula?

The white water lily, with fabulous hydrating and regenerating properties, is associated with hyaluronic acid, which retains water in the epidermis and improves the barrier function.The skin, even dehydrated, is immediately and lastingly refreshed. Thanks to this intense hydration, the face is plumped up, the grain is smoother, and the skin is soft and supple. Day after day, the skin is naturally more beautiful, radiant with beauty.

It's refreshing aqueous texture penetrates instantly. Quickly absorbed, it offers a silky and velvety finish and provides a feeling of comfort upon application.


Apply morning and / or evening to clean, dry skin, smooth over the entire face. Then apply your daily cream.


30mL Pump Bottle

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