• Wipeout Brush Cleaner

Beauty So Clean

Wipeout Brush Cleaner


Like a cleansing tidal wave for your brushes (except in a spray bottle), BeautySoClean's Wipeout Brush Cleaner will have you boogying your way through brush cleaning! Simultaneously kills germs while wiping away makeup residue, this will work on all types of brushes! Natural oils and sea salt work together for an eco-friendly way of removing stubborn stains while remaining gentle on your bristles. Simply saturate your brush and wipe it out on a paper towel. Allow to dry flat and repeat if necessary. Leaves behind a light, soothing fragrance!


100% Vegan & Crulety Free


8.5oz / 250mL


*Hazardous Item: Please see Shipping & Returns

This item can not be shipped internationally.

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