• Supermatte Antishine
  • Supermatte Antishine
  • Supermatte Antishine
  • Supermatte Antishine

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Supermatte Antishine

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The professional way to keep shine at bay!

Makeup International developed this exciting & innovative product in the UK & have been selling it worldwide for over 30 years. Supermatte Antishine is an essential item for many celebrities & stars in Hollywood. Makeup Artists love it because they know it is a product that really works, helping control shiny skin & create a smooth facial complexion. Suitable for men & women of all skin tones, it is also effective on balding, receding & oily hairlines, as well as palms.


Available in 3 transparent tones (Light, Medium & Dark), it can be used alone or under foundation. Most of the large makeup manufacturers have tried to duplicate this product but never matched its quality. It leaves skin feeling fresh and taut and won't produce that "caked on" feeling you get from powder. As with all our cosmetics, this product is made in the UK.


20mL tube.

**New Look packaging

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