• Reel Cover UP Effects Palette Kit

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Reel Cover UP Effects Palette Kit


Reel Cover UP Effects Palette - The COVER-UP/EFFECTS PALETTE is the most versitile palette in the REEL Palette collection. You can create bruises, black eyes, cuts, etc. and also you can cover-up tattoos, bruises, scars, etc. with the fleshtone colors.

Contains: Lite Toner, Blue Neutralizer, Avocado Toner, Deep Red #7, Yellow #3, Red Neutralizer, Brown Toner, Black #1, Blue #4, Red #2

The kit comes with 10 ea. 1/2 oz. bottles of supplemental liquid colors for either refilling your palette colors, painting or airbrushing.


** Hazardous items - please see shipping & returns

This item can not be shipped internationally.



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