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  • Individual Lashes
  • Individual Lashes
  • Individual Lashes

Scotty's Professional

Individual Lashes



Scotty's Professional False Lashes

To enhance the natural length, curl, flick, fullness and thickness of your lashes.

Apply with a small amount of lash glue to the back of you hand, then using a pair of teezers, dip the point of the lash into the glue. working from the the outer corner, towards the center along your natural lash line. These alashes can be piggybacked, depnding on the style you wish to achieve. Once glue is dry, slowly and carefully open your eye, making sure that glue is not stuck to the bottom lashes as well

Tip: measure the lash prior to gluing - this way you can trim the lash if they are to long for your eye.


100% Human Hair

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