• HookUp Tattoo From the Grave

HookUp Tattoos

HookUp Tattoo From the Grave


How to Apply HookUp Tattoos:

1. Skin should be clean and dry, free of oils and makeup.

2. Cut out the tattoo, leaving approximately ¼ inch border. Remove the clear top sheet.

3. Press the tattoo firmly onto the skin with the design facing down.

4. Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo. Press down and wet the paper thoroughly.

5. Wait 30 seconds (Don’t Rush!), then gently peel off the paper. The paper should slide off easily, leaving the tattoo on the skin.

6. For best results, warm the tattoo on the skin with a warm damp cloth and/or hair dryer. But DO NOT BURN or irritate the skin.

7. Powder as needed.


To Remove:

1. Soak the tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

2. Wait 15 seconds then rub away with a cotton ball.


Dimensions: 8 x 15.5cm
Designed by: Alexei Dmitriew

USE WITH: Smoke & Skulls Filler 1, Smoke & Skulls Filler 2, Graves on the Hill Filler or Torn Filler
PAIR WITH: Bats in the Moonlight, Flesh Eater, Cross, Elbow Webs or Winged Skulls

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