• Herman's Amazing Blanche White Toner

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Herman's Amazing Blanche White Toner


Herman’s Amazing Blanc Blanche White Toner.

Our own brand Herman’s Professional lovely white toner for pastel hair colors. This is a White hair color! This is mixing toner to make other colors lighter! Hair color is conditioner based direct hair color and it cares your hair while coloring. No ammonia so it doesn’t hurt your hair! Pre-lightening is advisable. 

The lighter the hair, the brighter the result! We suggest our own brand’s Herman’s Amazing Bleach Kitfor lightening your hair. Mix the toner with other Herman’s Amazing hair color. Amount of toner depends on what shade you want. Spread the color to washed and towel dry or dry hair. Leave for 15 - 30mins. You can leave it little longer for more intense color! Rinse thoroughly with water. Color remains about 8-12 washes depending of hair quality. 

Color remain useable one year after first opening. Keep it in dry and cool place and close the jar carefully. We recommed to use gloves while coloring. Includes literal instructions.

Tip: Use color as conditioner for long lasting hair color!


Includes 115ml of color.


Colors are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. 

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