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Scotty's Professional

Beard Lincoln

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Off Black 1B
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
True Blonde
Mixed Grey 75%

Beard Style: Lincoln 


All beards and moustaches are hand made using real hair, hand knotted onto wig lace.


This may lead to a slight difference in colour, length or the image shown.

Real hair beards and moustaches can be restyled using Golden Supreme tongs.


For best results, use Spirit Gum to adhere the beard and/or moustache to a clean face. Work from the middle of the face, then equally on the right and left hand sides of the face to ensure the piece is applied evenly. To remove, Spirit gum remover, bond off or baby oil can be used. 


Toupee tape can be used to adhere a beard or moustache, but will not sit as close to the skin.


To re-use the beard or moustahce, ensure that it is removed calrefully from the skin using a remover, not pulled off. The piece should also be cleaned with alcohol to remove any excess glue or remover left on the lace.

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