• 3rd Degree Clear Tone
  • 3rd Degree Clear Tone
  • 3rd Degree Clear Tone

3rd Degree

3rd Degree Clear Tone



Third degree is a truly unique two-part silicone moulding and casting compound. It sets in less than 5 minutes and can be glued to skin using itself as the adhesive or a silicone based adhesive. The Clear tone is fantastic as you can alter it's colour by adding a very small amount of creme make up to the B component to match your desired colour, thus making it a very versatile product to always keep in your kit. PLEASE NOTE; Once component 'A' mixes with 'B' it begins to cure, as a result users should be aware of any cross contamination, if the two parts are mixed inside the jars they will immediately begin to cure, thus resulting in the entire jar to set. Please always be aware and mix the parts together on a seperate palette, using seperate spatulas to insure product longevity.

Perfect for Halloween, Fantasy or Cosplay characters

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