• Human Hair Mannequin
  • Human Hair Mannequin
  • Human Hair Mannequin


Human Hair Mannequin


Option One

Mannequin head accessories are one of the most useful training aids. They excellently serve their purpose without complaining or asking for makeovers. If you make a mistake, you won’t discourage a hopeful client. Therefore, mistakes with mannequin heads cost much less. Until you perfect your skills to a sufficient level, you will use mannequin heads at any hairstyling academy or cosmetology school. The best mannequin heads are made from natural human hair so that you can treat it exactly as you would on a client. This gives you the ability to colour and create with real hair using salon supplies

Industry quality for professionals, trainees and students. Develop confidence and creatively practice colours, cuts and styles


Vanessa - Dark Brown, L 45-50cm

Eva - Blonde, L 45-55cm

Adam - Dark Brown, Hair L 22cm Beard L 18cm

4 Colour Sections - Blonde, Light Brown, Medium/Dark Brown & Black; Hair L 22cm


Clamp not included

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