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Platsil Gel 73-15



PlatSil 73-15 is a 1A:1B mix, super low-viscosity (2500 cP) platinum silicone liquid mold rubber that cures in 3-4 hours to a clear/translucent color. PlatSil 73-15 has a Shore A15 hardness, making it quite soft and flexible for the most intricate and delicate mold making requirements.

The transparent nature of the cured rubber makes it a good option for molds that need to be cut after cured – because the model is visible, parting lines can be better determined. It is also very useful when casting intricate parts to ensure that the entire mold cavity has been filled with casting material.

Molds made from this rubber are great for many types of resin casting (e.g., polyurethane, epoxy, polyester) and do not require application of a release agent prior to casting. Other uses include plaster casting, candle and soap making, hobby reproduction, model making, prototyping, and more.

*Large Item: May require extra freight

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