• PU Foam Latex Horns
  • PU Foam Latex Horns
  • PU Foam Latex Horns
  • PU Foam Latex Horns


PU Foam Latex Horns



Option One

PU (Polyurethane) Foam Latex Horns


Applying & Removing your PU Foam Latex piece.

1. Clean all area of makeup or any products.

2. Align ears, nose, horns, etc to the area you wish to apply the piece.

3. Starting from the top and middle, brush spirit gum over top ridge of the nose. Tap the spirit gum until it becomes tacky.

4. Push the middle of the piece over glue, holding down to secure into place.

5. Make sure edge is flat to the surface.

6. Repeat this process, working evenly down each side of the face. Best to work in small sections to ensure the piece goes on evenly. Make sure all edges are flat to the surface and glued down.

7. As the edges can not be dissolved, fill in with Cabosil, eyelash glue or latex to achieve a smooth finish.

8. Add foundation or crème colour where needed.

9. Removal: Using Bond Off or Spirit Gum Remover, dip remover with a cotton tip.  Find an edge and slowly started working the remover under the piece, keep applying remover to keep the tip moist.

10. Cleaning: to clean the piece, use a little more Bond Off over the latex. Leave to dry in a safe place.


How to colour you piece (step 8)

1. Using castor oil, lightly paint over each piece. Allow to dry. This acts as a sealer.

2. Once dry, use foundations or crème colours on the prosthetics piece, matching to your skin tone or characters colour. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paint to colour the pieces.

3. Powder to set the foundation

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