• SFX Brush Set III 8p
  • SFX Brush Set III 8p
  • SFX Brush Set III 8p
  • SFX Brush Set III 8p
  • SFX Brush Set III 8p

BDellium Tools

SFX Brush Set III 8p


Bdellium Tools SFX series brushes are professional, eco-friendly makeup brushes built to handle strong dyes and makeup products and create stunning special effects looks. The bristles and brush adhesives are specially formulated to withstand most solvents and brush cleaning solutions. With all sustainable bamboo handles, vegan soft synthetic bristles, and aluminum ferrules, these brushes boast all of the characteristic features of Bdellium Tools and also thrive in the daring realm of special effects makeup. Achieve flawless, reality-defying looks with the SFX series. 

The SFX Double Pouch, part of the Bdellium Tools SFX series, is uniquely designed to help you carry your must-have brushes and tools for your work. This item can be separated into 2 single pouches or it can be attached using the 2 sets of metal snap buttons. Combined, this Double Pouch has 3 zip pockets with reinforced metal zippers and 2 slip-in side pockets for smaller, casual items.


Brushes included in this set:

197X All Over Stippling, 190X Mini Stippling, 186X Large Water Color, 174X FX5, 163X Mini Finger, 145X Inverted Smudge, 127X Large Glue, 108X Precision Splatter & a Double Pouch


- Brush adhesives resistant to most solvents

- Bristles fashioned to withstand most strong makeup and cleaning solutions

- Professional eco-friendly makeup brush and 100% cruelty free

- All sustainable bamboo handle, vegan soft synthetic bristles, and aluminum ferrule

- 2 separate pouches with 2 sets of metal snap buttons for attachment

- Package includes 8 SFX Brushes and 1 set of 2 pouches only


BDellium Tools have have collaborated with special effects makeup artist Thomas Surprenant, a leader in the industry and part of two makeup crews that won Academy Awards, as well as two personal Emmy Awards and a Guild Award, to produce these durable and professional brushes.

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